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• 5/12/2017


Everybody knows in this Discussion
why did they stopped the Powerless Episode 10?
and they think that they need to stop the series already
WTH!! we need to change their minds
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• 2/3/2017

Wayne or Lose

Soon what did people think of the first episode? Alan Tudyk and Ron Funches gave the best performances in my opinion.
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• 1/20/2017

Alan Tudyk is Bruce Wayne's cousin!

It was originally stated that Alan Tudyk would be playing a character called Del Heller. But after the retool of the show, he's now playing Van Wayne - who is Bruce Wayne's cousin!

What do you think of the change?
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• 1/9/2017

We have a trailer!

After months of little to no news about the show, NBC have finally given Powerless a release day for February 2 and a trailer!

Are you excited for Powerless?
Powerless - Meet the Powerless Team! (Promo)
Powerless - Meet the Powerless Team! (Promo) YouTube
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