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"There were more experienced candidates, but you stood out. You are a people person. Every one of your references said you're a great motivator and you actually care about the, uh uh the"
"I do, that's why I wanted to work here. I want to help people."
Van Wayne and Emily Locke[1]

Emily Locke is the main character of NBC's Powerless. She is the new Director of Research & Development at Wayne Security. Emily is portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens on the show.

She loves her job because she gets to help people. However, she finds that her ambition and expectations far exceed those of her boss and teammates. She received her MBA at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

She also loves Karaoke. In episode 9 we can see that she loves Kelly Clarkson's song "Since You've Been Gone".


Season 1[]

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Behind the scenes[]

"My name is Emily Locke. I'm a claims adjuster for a very special kind of insurance company."
— Emily Locke[2]

The original premise of Powerless featured Emily Locke as a claims adjuster working for Retcon Insurance. Also, she was supposed to have a rant at Crimson Fox about the damage superhero battles cause and how superheroes see normal people as extras in their story. This never happens in the actual show.


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