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Jackie is a main character in NBC's Powerless. She is played by Christina Kirk. Jackie is Van Wayne's personal assistant. Jackie started working at Wayne Security to make a difference but over time became jagged. She deeply cares about her co-worker even though she does not show it.

History Edit

In I'ma Friend You 'ma Friend You, It is revealed that Jackie is working as an over driver part-time in order to save up money to pay for classes so that she can receive her MBA. Jackie also mentions that she has two brothers and she learned how to fight from them. In Win, Luthor, Draw, Jackie steps into a back of chemicals while simultaneously being struck by lightning which gives her super speed. She uses her abilities to save the Wayne Security senior employees from being executed by LexCorp. Despite having super speed Jackie decides that she will not frequently use it because she had grown to hate the ability.

In Van of the Year, Jackie is shown being a good friend to her coworker Alma And drive to the doctor every day after she was by a transmorphic beam. Jackie Just to keep her actions by the recognition or reward for helping Alma.


Season 1Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original premise of Powerless Del Heller is appointed as Claims Supervisor, he makes Jackie his personal assistant. His unreasonable and impossible demands soon take their toll on her. Jackie was a fan of superheroes, even going so far as to decorate her cubicle at Retcon Insurance with pictures of male heroes.

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